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c l o u d x p u m p k i n

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♡ yehmin
Welcome :D♥ This community is dedicated to the relationship between 예성/종운 (Yehsung/Jongwoon) and 성민 (Sungmin) from the korean group 슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior).

♡ rules
2. All posts must be releated to Yehmin.
3. You may post pictures, videos, graphics, fanfics, fanart ect.
4. No bashing/flaming! (either it is the pairing, other Super Junior members or community members) Respect each other!
5. Post huge pictures under lj-cut if they are not tumblians.
6. All posts that contain media stuff (pictures, gifs, videos etc) are locked.
7. Give credit for whatever you post - if you did not take the pictures/videos yourself.
8. Have fun :3

♡ mod

♡ affilates
Comment here if you want to affilate.
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